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    Everybody on Instagram probably knows the struggle: Constantly looking for the perfect spots to take the perfect picture. Well, here’s good new for us because the one and only Tuscaloosa provides tons of great locations that will make your latest Instagram pics perfect – likes are guaranteed!

    Bryant-Denny Stadium
    An Instagram-classic, but for good reason! The wall in front of the stadium is the perfect spot for any freshman to show off their new home. And of course, for anybody else to show some tide-pride! If you want the ultimate stadium Instagram picture, you should join the guided stadium tour, which leads you to the edge of the empty field. Hop onto the fence, pose and you’ll rake in the likes!

    The Lookout
    For a picture with the perfect view, visit the rooftop bar of the brand new Indigo hotel. You’ll find everything you need: A fancy bar, fairy lights above you and a stunning view over the river and the evening sky behind you. Plus, spending the night at the bar with your friends after the photo is shot is not so bad either!

    Capitol Park
    Want to brag with unique scenery on your next post? The Tuscaloosa capitol ruins are the perfect spot! They are impressive, mysterious and one of the coolest landmarks in town! Next to the old stone wall fragments, you will shine even brighter on your Instagram pic!

    Drinks Downtown
    A pic with a fancy drink in front of you or toasting with your friends is always a hit! As there are tons of great bars downtown, so are there opportunities to take a perfect shot. At Catch 22 you have all the pitchers with the colorful fruit infused drinks or at the Innisfree Pub the classic Guinness pint. The possibilities are endless, but the end result will be sure to garner some likes!

    Cliff Diving*
    One of the most spectacular snaps around Tuscaloosa can be shot at Lake Nicol. One of the best pictures can be found of people jumping off the cliffs into the water below! Terrifying, but also so much fun, and guaranteed an Instagram picture that will keep your like game strong!

    Downtown Northport & Roll Tide Bridge
    A great Instagram spot for every Crimson Tide fan is hidden in downtown Northport: A few yards from the intersection you see the bright red bridge with huge letters that say “Roll Tide”. Or turn around and capture the neat streets, red Kentuck dog, or houses of downtown. They look just beautiful any time of the year!

    Live at the Plaza
    This is a temporary but amazing backdrop for a perfect festival shot! Live at the Plaza is the annual concert series that stars local bands on stage at Government Plaza. Pick out your favorite outfit and join the fun on the meadow. With the sun and happy folks in the background, you’ll have a great picture guaranteed!

    Coffee Shop
    A popular meal to include into your Instagram pictures is a nice cup of coffee! If a regular one is too boring, the numerous iced macchiatos, frappes, and blended lattes are great photo models with their artsy decoration! Go for a classic like Heritage House or Edelweiss or a newer shop like Monarch or O’Henrey’s!

    Denny Chimes
    Last but not least, another classic, almost the forefather of all campus pictures: Legendary Denny Chimes! Not just the most popular scenery for graduation pictures and freshman students, but also a perfect choice for a random Instagram picture in your college town. It looks amazing, in the fore- or background, and shows off Tuscaloosa like no other sight!

    Written By: Katharina Horvath – Intern

    *Jump at your own risk!

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