3 AWESOME Outside Events in the One & Only

Live at the Plaza

Live at the Plaza is a simple idea. Open the door to Tuscaloosa’s music scene. With live concerts held for free in the Government Plaza on Friday evenings, locals and tourists alike gather under the infamous summer sunsets of the Tuscaloosa sky to enjoy live music. People can bring food, drinks, blankets, pets, or whatever they feel will make the experience more enjoyable as they soak up some summer sounds. Concertgoers are allowed to bring alcoholic beverages as long as they drink them during the concerts time. The concert runs from 6pm to 9pm starting on the first Friday in June, ending on the last Friday in July.


Black Warrior River Fiddle Fest

Built on the long history of Fiddle competition in West Alabama, The Black Warrior River Fiddle Fest at the Government Plaza hosts a 14 division competition of Alabama’s Fiddlers on June 10th from 5-7pm and June 11th from 10 am. Saturday at10am will have the Senior Fiddle, Small Frye Fiddle, Guitar, Junior Fiddle, Banjo, Bluegrass Bands, Adult Fiddle, Buck dancing. Finals in Junior,Adult and Senior Fiddle and Bluegrass Bands.

All ages can gather to prove their fiddling finesse against each other for monetary prizes. The music wont stop with just the fiddle, competitions between mandolin, Guitar, banjo, Harmonica, Dulcimer, bluegrass bands, and even Buck Dancing will be judged. Come out and watch talent tussle on stage, and enjoy the southern style of the fiddle.


Second Saturday Sidewalk party

The Avenue Pub is hosting a Summer block party under the Tuscaloosa Entertainment District on June 11th from 2-8pm. Free sliders, $3 bud pints, live music, and drinks to go in Temerson Square. This event will be held every second Saturday this summer with food, drinks, and music. Starting in May, lasting to August