Food Trucks at the One and Only Live at the Plaza!

Food Trucks at the One and Only Live at the Plaza!


Food trucks we know have been a hit in big cities for years, but what about in small college towns like Tuscaloosa? I’ve had my share of meals on wheels in places like New York City and New Orleans, but recently I had my first experience with a food truck here in my hometown, and it was delightful. Leaving work at Tuscaloosa Tourism near the River Market one Tuesday, I saw people lined up in the parking lot for Local Roots, a food truck and a fairly recent addition to the city that specializes in a southern menu, featuring locally farmed ingredients. It was lunchtime, I was hungry, and I decided to give the truck a try.

The quaint menu impressed me. The options were few but all sounded delicious. I walked up to the truck window and ordered chicken tacos and fries with aioli. In less than five minutes I had my food, fresh and piping hot. I was pleasantly surprised with how tasty (and not at all greasy!) my meal was, eating the fries as I drove to my next obligation, thinking about how fast and flexible the food truck industry really is.

I had a fantastic first experience with Local Roots, and I plan on trying more Tuscaloosa food truck fare this Friday night at Live at the Plaza. The free concert series hosted each summer Friday night from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. features local bands and local food trucks for an inexpensive and fulfilling start to the weekend. This week JoJo’s Food Trunk, Tea Town and Archibald and Woodrow’s are the food trucks serving the event. Be sure to check out Tuscaloosa’s one and only line of mobile food this week at Live at the Plaza.

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Written by: Karley Fernandez, TTS PR Intern