A One and Only Perspective – the makers market

Interview with the One and Only: David Milis – Owner of makers market

Favorite One and Only Restaurant: Nicks Filet House (Nicks in the Sticks)

Favorite One and Only Attraction: The River Walk

Tucked away in downtown Tuscaloosa, right off University Boulevard, is West Alabama’s largest craft mall. The first thing you notice when you open the front doors are the beautiful antique hardwoods that cover the floors of the large historic downtown building. Homemade crafts stretch as far as the eye can see and you never know what you’re going to find as “the makers” change over their supply or spark new ideas. From furniture, paintings, prints, pillows, and even wooden coasters, you never know what you’re going to find when you walk into this one and only attraction!

After living in Michigan for ten years, searching for warmer pastures, David and Beth Milis moved down to sunny Tuscaloosa Alabama! Beth, who took part in a craft mall in Detroit noticed there was no retailer for handmade items in the area and was inspired to open up her own store! As a quilter, Beth had the vision to create a platform for artists in the area to sell their designs in a physical store. That vision brought the one and only makers market to life in October of 2012!

As a downtown business, owner David Milis notices how much Tuscaloosa has developed and remembers when there were “three places that served meals on Sunday” and how much that has changed from the present, where there are plenty of places downtown to find Sunday brunch or a nice dinner.

Shopping in downtown Tuscaloosa has been steadily growing, but makers market is the only store that runs on “handmade hand touched” where everything in the store has been handmade or “touched” by one of the makers! When asked what makes the makers market a “One and Only”, David mentioned their “commitment to the local artist and crafter” and how they want the artists that don’t otherwise have an opportunity to get their things out in front of buyers. The makers market offers that unique opportunity where all you will find is things that someone made!

After an incredible year in 2016 for the makers market, the owners are looking forward to another great year! Head on over and find all the treasures that reside within their walls. You never know what you’re going to find from the one and only makers!