Cheers to Three Great Years, Black Warrior Brewery

Three years ago this November, The iconic Black Warrior Brewery in downtown was founded. The doors opened at a time when Tuscaloosa was entering its new renaissance of locally focused businesses that expanded the possibilities for this college town. It was years before, that the four founders set out to create one of the great breweries in the city. While working at a tire manufacturing plant, these men became close through mountain biking and one day in the hills above Chattanooga set out to found the brewery. It would take two and a half years for them to finally make their way to the grand opening, with plenty of weekends spent crafting the beer in one of the founder’s basement. They would test and share their early brews with friends and through this found their fourth member.

After a long and tiring search, they found a diamond in the rough of downtown that they saw potential in. it was Thanksgiving weekend they signed the lease for the former barbershop and thanks to their engineering backgrounds were able to turn the space into their new home. Today Black Warrior Brewing is a proud staple of the uninhibited excitement of downtown. They share a part of the buzz and liveliness of great nights spent in Tuscaloosa along University Blvd. While the river it’s named for passes slowly by below along the banks, the city the brewery knew has rapidly grown around it. With new hotels, restaurants, renovations and people all coming in city limits with great haste, Black Warrior Brewing has remained as a tremendous place to slow things down. A place to unwind with good friends and better beer.