One and Only Southern Staple: Cornbread

There isn’t a staple of Southern cooking as iconic as cornbread. Invented by Native Americans, adopted by European settlers, cornbread is the sleeper hit of any meat and threes. Tuscaloosa has its fair share of southern delights, including cornbread. From Moe’s BBQ in downtown to The Brown Bag Restaurant in the outskirts of the county, your meal can enjoy that gold bar of country style cooking.

Moe’s BBQ hails from the north of the country in Colorado, born as a refuge for those in the Rockies who miss that flavor of Alabama, and the men behind it heard mama calling and brought their cooking back to their Alma Mater. The cornbread at Moe’s BBQ embraces its role alongside the BBQ as a means to soak up sauce dripping off the meat, while the cornbread at The Brown Bag can be found in its little Styrofoam place just like Thanksgiving. The Brown Bag is that classic, out in the woods place that serves food like grandma cooks for you. Whether your downtown or exploring this great river county, you’re not far from some classic cornbread.