One and Only: Taco Casa’s Sweet Tea

Taco Casa has the biggest cactus in town, which aside from eclectic gardeners to southwest transplants who brought reminders of home, isn’t a hard title to win. None the less their giant cacti have spread all over Tuscaloosa and beyond in Alabama. From far and wide it’s hard to miss when you’re near a Taco Casa. To locals, their love for the big cactus just makes sense to them. Ask anyone who grew up here, and most will have a simple, childlike love for Taco Casa. Even if you hate Mexican food to your core, there is no denying Taco Casas legendary sweet tea. It’s a south of the boarder tradition if the Mason-Dixon is where you draw the line. Their sweet tea is the epitome of southern sweet tea that might put your grandma’s recipe to shame. It comes wrapped in a Styrofoam cup, chilled by that delectable chewy ice and filled with sweetness. Taco Casa offers so much under its big cactus, but the sweet tea is a Tuscaloosa One and Only that may never be beaten.