One and Only: Top 5 Places for Late Night Food

One & Only: Top 5 Places for Late Night Food

You’re out late. You’re hungry. The Taco Bell drive-thru just won’t do. The quest for a late-night snack, however, can be frustrating, particularly after midnight. You want something hot, fresh, and delicious. But which great Tuscaloosa restaurants are open late? After experiencing late night cravings, myself, I compiled a list of the top five places in the #OneandOnly Tuscaloosa to dine on burgers, pizza, pitas and even sushi after midnight.


1.     Surin of Thailand:

Craving sushi but don’t know where to get it freshly made after 10 p.m.? Surin of            Thailand is the perfect place. Located on The Strip, Surin serves Authentic Thai Cuisine and fresh sushi seven days a week. Their most popular restaurant special is Midnight  Sushi; held on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 11 p.m.- until. Midnight Sushi features $1 Sushi and Appetizers, $5 Martinis, $3 Drafts and $1 Sake Shots.

2.     Little Italy Pizzeria:

What’s better than indulging in a slice of pizza to satisfy that late night appetite? Little Italy is an Italian style restaurant featuring great Italian food and beer specials in Tuscaloosa. Conveniently located on University Boulevard, Little Italy serves Neapolitan- and Sicilian-style pies and slices. They also serve sandwiches, calzones, strombolis, salads and a few desserts. Open Monday- Thursday until 2 a.m. and Friday- Saturday until 3 a.m.

3.     Quick Grill:

Quick Grill is the perfect place to stop after a long night of bar hopping on The Strip. It’s a walk-up counter serving midnight delights such as hamburgers, fries, and kabobs. The menu mainly features Greek items, including lamb, falafel, and hummus; but their most popular late night, drunken meal are the messy fries. Messy fries are great after a night  of drinking because they are greasy and smothered in chili and cheese. The next time you’re out partying in Tuscaloosa, stop by Quick Grill. Open Monday-Saturday, 6 p.m.- 3 a.m.

4.     Pita Pit:

Conveniently located on The Strip, Pita Pit serves hand-made pitas with fresh toppings. They also have vegetarian and vegan-friendly options available. People love Pita Pit because it is a cheap, healthier late night option and all of the ingredients are fresh. Open Monday-Wednesday until 3 a.m. and Thursday- Saturday until 4 a.m. with the dining option of in-store or delivery.

5.     Wilhagans Grille & Tap Room:

Where sports, beer, and pub grub collide. Wilhagans Grille and Tap Room is a full-service restaurant located just off Temerson Square in Downtown Tuscaloosa. They have 37 taps featuring some of the best brews from the region, and all over the world. Wilhagans has over 20 HDTV’s, pool tables, and a dart hall. Their kitchen serves late-night favorites such as sandwiches, salads, burgers, pasta, and wings until 1 a.m.


Written by: Adrian Gee, TTS Public Relations Intern