One & Only Gameday Clear Bags

One & Only Gameday Clear Bags

This season of Alabama football at Bryant-Denny comes with some new rules regarding your baggage. In the name of safety and convenience for getting through the crowds at the gates, the stadium is asking that you bring a large bag that’s see-through. Fashion forward fans will think clear is trending, and with our help, you can be on the front lines of new must-have for the fall season

Here are the rules for bags, and what’s allowed in for games


They ask for the clear bags that they are:

–   Clear, Plastic, vinyl, or PVC

–   Do not exceed 12”x 6”x12”

–   Can be a clear gallon zip lock


For those who need their little black bag, don’t worry. Small clutches are allowed. With or without a handle and you can have it along with your clear bag.

The clutch can be no larger 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches.


If you don’t have a clear bag that’s been dying to go out with you, and a tiny clutch can’t handle what all you need to bring, we got you covered! We have wonderful One and Only Tuscaloosa clear bags waiting for you! Just swing by the Tuscaloosa Visitors Center before the game and head back to the Quad ready to take in a sweet home game!


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