Top 5: Activities on the Black Warrior River

Many may not realize that the river alongside our fair city actually is more than just a vessel for large tug boats and pretty views along the riverwalk. There’s a wide array of activities you can do on the open waters of the Black Warrior. Explore the waters solo, or cruise along at sunset aboard a paddleboat, there’s hardly a limit to what you can do.

  1. Cruise the open waters

Bama Belle is back and ready to take you and your friends out on the calm cool waters of the river. They offer live music and breathtaking views of those sunsets Tuscaloosa is known for. You can also book the Bama Belle for private events and really enjoy the paddle boats old school charms.

  1. Paddleboard your way to zen

Once up on the board, there’s hardly a more serene and relaxing way to enjoy the river than a paddleboard. The waters are so gentle it’s easy to paddle your way along the riverbanks and really reconnect with nature. Show off those yoga skills with fellow yogis or just by yourself on the board.

  1. Canoe through the creeks

Another great way to explore the Black Warrior is to hop into a canoe and paddle around either the open waters or explore the many creeks that feed the river along the banks. The beautiful Hurricane Creek feeds the river and is a truly hidden natural gem in Tuscaloosa with secluded riverbanks and old railroad trestle bridges over the waters.

  1. Fish for a good time

The Black Warrior is home to a diverse ecosystem of over 120 freshwater fish and other aquatic animals that are hiding in the river. Find an open spot along the banks, and take some time to return to a primal way to hunt. If you can, take a pontoon or a canoe and cast a wider net in the deeper parts of the waters.

  1. Float and soak

Take a tube, some friends, and just gently float along the river with ease. Let the waters take away the stress of the day and soak up some sun while having to do little to no work as the gentle waves rock you.

Rentals can be found at these one and only retailers and rental shops with The Outdoor Rec Center, GUMZ on the river, and Tuscaloosa Paddleboard.


Written By: Deven Wilson – Intern