Top 5 One & Only Porches in Tuscaloosa!

Top places to sit on a porch

As I was sitting on a porch drinking a beer, watching the sun set on the beautiful city of Tuscaloosa, I realized that it doesn’t get much better than this. So I decided to make you all a list of my top 3 favorite porches to drink a beer on, as well as some honorable mentions.

  1. Loosa Brews – Loosa’s porch game has been stepped up since they opened. It has tons of table and bar style seating! It’s partly shaded and fully awesome! With 63 beers on tap there’s a beer and a chair for everyone!
  2. Taco Mama – Taco Mama’s porch faces out onto University drive so weather you’re there to sunset watch or people watch, there’s a sitting activity for every personality! Not only that, but they serve beer and margaritas. So if you’re not huge on the beer scene, you’ve still got a place on their porch!
  3. R & R Cigars – This porch is the sleeper of the trio because not many people take advantage of this incredible honey hole! R & R is a remodeled Victorian home with a huge front porch and plenty of comfortable seating to drink a beer, smoke a cigar, and watch your favorite game on tv.
  4. Honorable mention – 301 Bistro – In front of their entrance is the Beer Garden. With communal seating, and a blossoming garden encompasses this oasis in downtown. The menu is the same but with the added feature of the outdoor bar. On Sundays they feature a New Orleans brunch with live music and mimosas.
  5. Honorable Mention – Innisfree – Innisfree’s porch is another phenomenal place to kick back and drink a cold one. They have plenty of seating and great TVs to catch a game on! With a wide selection of drinks, they have something for the whole crew!