Top Five Reasons to Attend “This is How We Roll – A Season with Alabama Wheelchair Basketball”

It’s About Local Athletes

This is How We Roll is a phenomenal episodic documentary series following the men’s and women’s wheelchair basketball teams at The University of Alabama. Told from the viewpoint of two members of the team, each episode takes the viewer deeper into the lives of the college athletes, on and off the court, as they seek a national championship.

Tuscaloosa Loves National Champions

Between the two teams, they have racked up five national championships! The men lay claim to one championship in 2013. The women have an incredible four championships with their most recent being 2015! These teams are truly among the best in the nation!

They Are Olympians

There were six current players and coaches represented at the 2016 Rio Paralympics! On top of that, there were a whopping fourteen former players and coaches representing their respective countries. This program has a long history of dominance that shined through at the Paralympics this year!

Their Season Starts This Weekend

As if this week wasn’t big enough for the two teams, basketball season opens this Saturday, October 29th! After viewing the premiere of their documentary on a season with the team, you can be a part of their next season and watch the magic unfold!

They’re Building a New Facility

The Mouron family has donated 3 million dollars to the construction of a new adaptive athletics facility! Their generous donation will cover one-third of the cost for this incredible 27,036-square-foot facility. The plans for the facility include a gym, basketball court, lobby and concourse, office suite, locker rooms and weight and workout rooms!