Top Five reasons to go to the Band of Brothers Tailgate

Top Five reasons to go to the Band of Brothers Tailgate

Fall is here, and with it comes incredible chances to get out and explore our great city. Beyond the Quad, we in Tuscaloosa are booming with exciting new ventures, from our incredible dining scene to Uber returning. Band of Brothers is no exception, with their Food Truck Fest series celebrating our local food trucks and their fine brewing under the Drish house! This Saturday, they are hosting a tailgate to enjoy not just some good food and brews, but some good ole Alabama football! Admission is free, dogs are welcomed, and it’ll run from 4 PM to 11 PM at Band of Brothers Brewing!

1. Additional Food Trucks!
Band of Brothers Brewery has invited more than the usual local trucks to swing by, featuring several Birmingham trucks like Off the Hook, NOLA Ice, Fetch ( treats for the pups), and more!

2. Band of Brothers will release new limited release!
Band of Brothers already has a great range of brews from their Monk on the Radio to their Belgian Strong Dark Ale. At the tailgate, we will get to experience and taste some of their newest creations which are always a treat

3. Alabama will play against USC!
It’s no secret we have some of the best ways to tailgate in the SEC, from the Quad to the strip. It’s never a bad time to visit, but on away games, we don’t get as hopping as we do for home games. Most just go to bars or stay inside. This food truck fest, you get the best of both worlds! To be outside, enjoying great food and brews, watching the game without gameday pains like traffic and parking!

4. Pets Welcomed!
Food Truck Fest has always been friendly to some canine companions coming out, but this time Fetch Treat Truck will offer some one of a kind treats for you best bud. From ice cream, jerky, biscuits, donuts, and even beer! Your little guy or gal will be right there with you indulging in someone and the only style partying.

5. It’s FREE!
Free is always the best price. There isn’t a cover charge or list for this party. It’s open to everyone, from families who want to get out and enjoy something new, football fanatics, foodies, to dog parents who want to treat their buddy to something special.