Top Places to watch Super Bowl LI in Tuscaloosa

Winter in Tuscaloosa can feel like such a stark contrast from the fun vibrant bounce the city carries in the fall. This Super Bowl Sunday, the city will be looking towards Texas for some football, but not in Bryant-Denny West in Dallas, but in the space city of Houston. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the Patriots, the Falcons, or just excited to see Julio Jones and Dont’a Hightower play in another championship we have the top places to catch the big game.

Bob Baumhower’s dream to bring his passion for wings to Tuscaloosa is one of the finest spots to watch the Super Bowl. This institution of a proud Bama Alum brings some of the best wings around, but be sure to catch their Hot Bama Brown. You won’t miss a second of play with over 70 TVs in the newly built location along Skyland blvd. With great food, and a dedication to football only someone who played can have, Baumhower’s will serve up Super Bowl Sunday right

By the big game, there will be 75 days until we see Bama play Bama for A Day in the spring and can get that taste for fall. For those who want to be right back in that excitement sooner than later, Houndstooth with its iconic nachos and monstrous screens can put the super in Super Bowl.

Buffalo Phil’s
Under that colligate style of ivy, B-Phils keeps football alive all year with an overwhelming collection of memorabilia, and that atmosphere of a game day can be found alongside some of the best wings in town.

If any bar around is going to capture that New England Irish flair, it’s Innisfree. Under the four-leafed clover, you can find some great fried food, alongside some frosty drinks as you cheer during the big game.

Heat Pizza Bar
One of the hottest places in town, you can enjoy the big game with some of their great pizzas and cocktails while watching on their wall of TVs. Should the Sunday fun continue past the game, Heat can keep the pizza and beer flowing for a great night out.