Trip Planner

Planning any visit can be overwhelming, especially in a city with so much to do and see. Map out your trip to Tuscaloosa by using our unique planning tool designed to produce an experience just for you. The features will help you decide which restaurants and attractions are most appropriate for you and your visit.



Simply scroll over “Play,” “Dine,” “Stay,” or “One & Only” and use the checkboxes to filter down your preferences. For example, if you want to eat at a barbecue restaurant with outdoor seating. Under “Dine,” select “outdoor” in the atmosphere section and “barbecue” in the cuisine section. Barbecue restaurants without seating will begin to populate. Click on the restaurant that interest you and select “Add to Trip Planner,” and it add it to your Trip Planner. The function works similar to an “Add to Cart” function.

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