Tuscaloosa Tourism & Sports and Committee Launch New Brand for Tuscaloosa

Tuscaloosa Tourism and Sports (TTS) has completed a process of developing a new brand for the city.
After in-depth research and development, “The One and Only” was formed as Tuscaloosa’s original

TTS CEO and President Gina Simpson states, “We wanted to develop a brand that truly represented our
entire city. During the process, the committee aimed to create a tool that would help tell Tuscaloosa’s
story. ‘Tuscaloosa– The One and Only’ is meant to serve as a brand for all establishments in our area.
We hope the symbol becomes a uniting theme for the community.”

It is an interesting fact that Tuscaloosa is the only city in the country with its name, giving it a quality as
rare as its culture. “The One and Only” was created to represent the authentic experience that is
Tuscaloosa. The exciting growth and development that the city has undergone has fostered a sense of
pride and belonging within the community. TTS set out to create a brand that embodies all of the
characteristics unique to Tuscaloosa.

The 14-month process began with a 33-person committee charged with creating a tagline exclusive to
Tuscaloosa. Brand experts developed a Portfolio of Assets and survey to warrant feedback from
citizens in the area. The survey received over 1,000 responses from every zip code in Tuscaloosa. A
Request for Proposal was then sent out to various ad agencies to assemble a creative campaign team.
After four presentations, Cayenne Creative was chosen to develop and design the new brand. After
several rounds of concepts for taglines and visual marks, “The One and Only” was created along with
some uniquely designed logos.

For more information, contact Brandt Garrison, Director of Communication and Public Relations for the
TTS, at 205.391.9200 or bgarrison@visittuscaloosa.xyz.