4 coffee shops in Tuscaloosa that will help you espress yo-self

Finding a good coffee shop is not always easy. Everyone likes a different vibe and menu, but Tuscaloosa has it all. From cozy to modern you will find the space where you fit in most to sit down and have a nice cup of joe.

1. Heritage House Coffee & Tea

Heritage House opened in Tuscaloosa in June 1994 and was our towns first coffee shop ever. If you are looking for a cozy coffee shop, this is your place. Heritage House is a great spot to grab a coffee on the go, breakfast, or even lunch. Their menu has a little bit of everything from gourmet drinks to pastries and sandwiches. One of the many menu items they are known for is their baked oatmeal, you can even buy the mix yourself to bake at home! The baked oatmeal is a great, warm start to anyone’s day. My personal favorite thing to get at Heritage House is a vanilla latte with peppermint and an orange roll. The atmosphere in the shop is laid back and welcoming. You can even go to a wall filled with coffee cups and pick one out that you want your drink to be served in. So, if you are looking for a cozy coffee shop to grab a cup of joe and a pastry to have a chat with a friend look no further than Heritage House Coffee & Tea.


2. O’Henry’s Coffee

O’Henry’s Coffee is a great place to meet with friends. Whether you are catching up with old friends or meeting new ones it is a great environment to talk and have fun while enjoying fantastic drinks. The atmosphere at O’Henry’s is all about community and gathering, they make the atmosphere comfortable to have a conversation without feeling like you have to whisper. Regarding coffee, they serve lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos. Plus a few of their specialty drinks include their O’Frappes which can be made with flavors like caramel, mocha chip, and turtle. O’Henry’s also serves food such as wraps, salads, and pastries made daily. So, grab some friends and head to O’Henry’s for some coffee and conversation.


3. Monarch Espresso Bar

Monarch is definitely the place to go to just sit and recharge. The atmosphere is very chill and quiet and very zen. They have a great menu with a lot of variety. Of course, they have the basics such as espresso, lattes, iced coffee, cold brew, and a variety of different pour-overs. Out of their many specialty drinks on the menu, my personal favorite is the parker, which is a salted caramel latte, but if you are into cold brew you need to get the vanilla sweet cream cold brew! If you want to grab a bite to eat they offer things such as avocado toast, granola with yogurt, and a selection of different bagels. Grab a book and have some “me” time at Monarch Espresso Bar!


4. Turbo Coffee

Turbo Coffee has a very modern and hipster type vibe to it. Casual and hard-core coffee drinkers alike should definitely check this place out. Turbo does so much more than coffee as well. Their specialties are health foods such as acai bowls, made in house cold-pressed juices, and superfood smoothies. They also make delicious pastries daily. This is a great place to go chill with friends and family and catch up with one another.