One and Only: Gallettes

If you know of Tuscaloosa, you know someone whose got a story or two that took place in this one & only Locale. You can drive around the strip looking for a big flashy neon sign saying “ Gallette’s” you’ll be hard pressed to find it. This hole in the wall is hidden to outsiders inside the Campus Party Store building. You’d never guess such an innocent yellow brick building could hold so much fun. Once inside, you find yourself surrounded with all the makings of a iconic dive bar, without hipster touches of an intended atmosphere. No, this place is only organic in that its history and mixology have born a Drink so infamous, our you can find replicas throughout town. The Yellowhammer. You wont find them served in repurposed mason jars, you’ll find them in their bold yellow plastic cups will a hearty Roll Tide written across. These fruity drinks have a mild flavor, but pack a strong punch, one fitting the legends of the stadium that stands in the background of Gallette’s.

After a couple of Yellowhammers, or anything the bar tosses up, you’ll be bouncing along to the music that’s never too quiet. More than likely you will be taken by surprise when the song sung in that classic dive bar unison isn’t a Journey song, or even Sweet Home Alabama, but “ Dixieland Delight”. Gallette’s patrons will serenade you, not only with every single lyric known by heart, but their own additional ones that shows how deep local pride runs. It’ll seem like magic how each person of every creed comes together in this bar to boast and belt their Alabama pride with perfect tempo. You’ll soon find your self swept in a tide of pride, and a community you’ll grow all the more fond of. Whether you find your way to Gallette’s during its peak season of Fall, or in the Spring when practically half of the entire gulf is brought to their patio for Crawfish Boils; you can bet you’ll leave with more than a few tails and cocktails to rave about to anyone who mentions this one and only city.

Written by: Deven Wilson, TTS Public Relations Intern