Heritage House Coffee & Tea

Just north of the river lies one of Tuscaloosa’s best-kept and coziest secrets: Heritage House Coffee & Tea. When Heritage House opened in 1994, it was Tuscaloosa’s first coffee shop, and it has since grown into a beloved local hangout. The current owner took over eleven years ago, when she and a friend decided they wanted to add more meaning to their lives. Under her ownership, they have grown, recently moving to a new location, formerly Alabama Outdoor.

From the outside, you would never assume Heritage House to be the kitschy hideaway that it is. Sleek metal signage announces it’s location, but those who enter will be taken aback by what they find inside. Heritage House is Pinterest come to life. The shop is covered with adorable handmade décor inspired by the popular site; from the “Coffee & Tea” marquee lights behind the counter to the prayer wall hanging in the back. It’s also equipped with tons of comfy couches and cute wooden tables. Everything about Heritage House is warm, welcoming, and cozy.

With a menu featuring over 40 coffees from around the world, and a pastry bar packed with made-from-scratch goodies, the selection at Heritage House is divine. One of their most popular drinks, the “Bama Blitz” is a rich coffee blend with caramel, vanilla, and cinnamon. They also have a variety of yummy seasonal drinks, with a pumpkin spice latte that gives Starbucks a run for its money. The deliciousness doesn’t stop with the gourmet drinks: they also have sandwiches, salads, and an extensive breakfast menu.

Be sure to visit Heritage House Coffee & Tea at 700 Towncenter Blvd, Suite 3, just over the river, for a wonderful one and only menu and atmosphere.