One and Only: Breakout!

If you haven’t heard of the latest real life gaming experience, you might still be locked in a room and need to solve that puzzle. Breakout games take role-playing to a new level by putting you inside the action instead of sitting back to watch. They present you with a puzzle to solve, a key to find, clues to follow, and all kinds of twists with the pressure to break out in time. Breakout Tuscaloosa features several different themed rooms each with their own unique mystery, theme, and skill level needed to break out. Each room is locked; the clocks are set to 60 minutes, and its up to you to work together to find your escape. Not everyone makes it out or succeeds so be ready to put your intelligence to the test to prove you really can make it out in time.

Breakout Tuscaloosa isn’t limited to just mystery rooms, you can take part in the scavenger hunt games of Breakout Expedition. Taking the game outside, you will use your list of clues to run around town to gather as many items as you need to gain the highest points and win. If you’re looking to prove you really could have survived all those thriller movies, or just want to show off your Sherlock skills, Breakout Tuscaloosa is willing to put them to the test. Breakout Tuscaloosa is open to anyone 12 years old, as long as an adult accompanies anyone under 14. It’s the perfect chance to bond with friends, coworkers, or just get out of the clique dinner and movie night. Breakout Tuscaloosa can be found at 2310 14th Street, adjacent to the Jemison Mansion, open Thursday through Sunday. For more information check out their website at

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