One and Only: Lymanland (Water Skiing Heaven)

Hidden amidst the countryside of Duncanville, Alabama is what could be called water skier heaven, but what skiing aficionado Lyman Hardy named LymanLand USA when he built the lake more than 20 years ago. The glassy, blue-green dyed water of the nearly half mile long lake hosts a variety of water ski events and tournaments each year. After visiting more than 20 ski lakes across the nation, Hardy determined how he wanted his lake built: eight feet deep, as narrow as a football field, and with small islands on each end to prevent wake water from upsetting skiers when the boat makes its turns. LymanLand draws hundreds of skiers from across the nation to compete against other professional and nationally ranked skiers in the perfectly crafted aquatic arena.

This month, LymanLand will host the American Water Ski Association’s 2016 Southern Regional Championships from Wednesday, July 20 through Sunday, July 24. The event is open to the public, persons and their pets (leashed, of course) allowed. Competing skiers will trick ski, slalom, and perform jumps in hopes of breaking both personal and national records.

LymanLand is located at 15865 Waterski Lane, just off Highway 82, southeast of Tuscaloosa.

For more information about the event, call Tuscaloosa Tourism & Sports Commission’s Brandt LaPish at (205) 391-9200 or visit and download the guide for the 2016 championships.

Written By: Karley Fernandez, TTS PR Intern