One and Only: The Alcove

Alcove Tavern

Voted one of the best college bars in America by Men’s Health, This brick beauty serves as cozy relief from the noise and constant party found on the Strip. It’s a warm and welcoming place where people can break away from over the top bars and enjoy a nice brew under fine artwork and away from clouds of smoke. The owner made strides in declaring the pub smoke free in an effort to give guests a space where they can breathe easy. Guests can come and enjoy the clean air, and cold drinks inside or out on the patio. The charm and comfort of this downtown bar is a welcomed change of pace. Instead of a thousand big screens and music turned up to 11, it’s the perfect spot for friends to enjoy good conversation without leaving deafened by billboards top 10.

You wont be lost in this quaint bar, its just the right size to feel welcomed without being crowded when more than three walk in. sit inside under the exposed break, or out facing the street you’ll bask in the good music, and warmth that can only be found here along 22nd. People who come here always have something wonderful to say about its ambience. that its not too stuffy or divey, that its like a friends living room with an incredible bar. From Students to professionals in town, hardly anyone can leave without enjoying something found in this secluded spot. Its not just Tuscaloosa who enjoy the break away Alcove provides, Garden and Gun declared it one of the best “watering holes” in the secret south. Tuscaloosa Magazine deemed it the best bar for adults, and best beer selection. Its hard not to see why the world has fallen for this cozy tavern, as people are falling in love with it under their sword crossed crest.


Written by: Deven Wilson, TTS Public Relations Intern