One and Only: Top 5 Places for College Students to Grub!

Life in Tuscaloosa comes with so many choices. From where you want to live, down to which road isn’t under construction, we face so many choices. When it comes to choosing where to go out, your options are overwhelming. Your friends may need to squeeze their pennies, while you want to impress your date. Some of you want to explore new tastes, while others can’t be separated from their pizza. It can be tough to decide where to go as college students in town, but we’ve narrowed it down to help guide those who want to explore beyond the dining hall.

Moe’s BBQ

It is so hard to go wrong with Moe’s. From the friendly attitude of the workers to the fiendishly delicious sides, you’ll want to keep going back just to try every temptation on their menu. Their BBQ stands out as the main attraction, but their great patio seating, live music, make it a perfect starting point for a great night out on the town.

Heat Pizza

One of the newest on the Tuscaloosa scene, Heat is spicing up the way we think of pizza. Parking, while a constant struggle for most places, is hardly an issue if you’re going to Heat. It’s located right under the free to park parking garage at Government Plaza. Once inside, the super modern bar greets you as you prepare for some of the best thin crust pizza. Even if you don’t think you want to enjoy Heat for dinner, they stay open as late as the strip with a 2am closing time. Giving you plenty of time to crave their artisan styles and enjoy some late night pizza. They also make the perfect spot enjoy any of the live events happening in the plaza since their outdoor seating directly faces our communal lawn downtown.


Nothing is more collegiate than a good Irish bar and Innisfree wears its shamrock with a fiery honor. Known for its messy chips, over the top fries, wings, burgers and decadently fried food, Innisfree will satisfy. This is where you can go to unwind, relax and enjoy great food with great friends. There’s never a dull moment at Innisfree, from Saturdays in the fall, to any day in the spring they have music, games, and sports ready to keep you entertained

Taco Mamas

Who doesn’t love an ice-cold mug? When has queso/guac and chips been a bad idea? Taco Mama’s delivers when it comes to Tex-Mex in T-Town. They have every south of the border flavor you desire. Tacos, to burritos with quesadillas in between, they deliver that Mexican taste you’re always ready to delight in.

Five Bar

If you want to grow your likes on Instagrams, go to Five. Easily one of the most photogenic places to eat in town, their ceiling full of eccentric chandeliers, dim lighting, and foodie style menu are a great choice to treat yo self. Their mantra of only offering five choices helps narrow it down for anyone who has to deal with someone who “ is fine with anything”. The limited choices will surprise you in how packed with flavor they can be, and come out looking so photo ready.