One and Only: Tuscaloosa Breweries

Tuscaloosa Breweries

Hit up Downtown Pedal Tours and and take their Brew Pub Tour to all three one and only breweries!


Black Warrior Brewing Company

There’s a space in downtown where the beer flows, and a sense of community is brewed in a brick building along University Blvd. Black Warrior doesn’t just produce their fine suds, they house a place where people can recreate the fun of their childhood playing board games and their jumbo sized Jenga set. It’s a brewery with plenty of space to explore, play games, and really take time to break away from the daily routine and find some old fashioned fun. It’s where you’ll find a blend of beer and board games to embrace the freedoms of adulthood, with the comradery of tabletop games. Even if you’re not one to partake in their crimson ales, or IPAs, you can sample their root beer, and be reminded of the rich flavors that come from home brewed treats. Black Warrior reflects its namesake by being a calm watering hole, open to all, and flowing freely in Tuscaloosa and through the great state of Alabama.


Druid City Brewing Company

Under the crescent moon, mimicking T-Town’s Moon Winx Lodge along University Blvd, is a cozy and friendly place you end up feeling more at home in than anywhere else. It’s not a grand, elaborate space, decked to the nines with over the top distractions, but a charming place to enjoy great music and even better brewing. Druid City is a place to enjoy fine ales and artists alike. You’ll never know what incredible chalk drawing will find its way above the bar, one that will surely flood your Instagram with likes. Live music can be found filling the space with good vibrations with their Live at the Brewery events. When music isn’t being played, comedy fills the air with laughter. Druid City hosts other wonderful events from video game competitions to trivia nights. Druid City easily feels like the best of both going out, and staying in.


Band of Brothers Brewing 

Across from the iconic Drish House is the newest in Tuscaloosa’s rising affection for local brews. Band of Brothers has been an essential part in the transformation of an area into a rising scene in the development around town. All this attention and meteoric rise can’t distract from the fact their brews are simply some of the best. Their batches of beer are made right in front of you, live music fills the air, classic games like Rock’em Sock’em robots await you, and its all under one roof. Everything about Band of Brothers feels authentic and true to the local environment. There’s a sense of camaraderie when you arrive that you instantly want to join, and this band of brothers easily welcomes you to join in.