One and Only: Tuscaloosa Cigar Tradition

From new Bama fans to curious freshmen, its hard to see why lighting up a celebratory cigar happens every time Alabama wins against Tennessee. The problem of success is you gain a lot of rivals along the way, and aside from that cow college to the east, Tennessee is a classic rival for Alabama, going as far back as over 100 years. The tradition of the celebratory cigar dates back 60 years, and while its rumored to have been started by the legendary Bear Bryant, it was Jim Goostree. Goostree was the head trainer, and after an overdue victory passed around cigars to the Alabama team. Since then, both teams have celebrated their wins with cigars, and the fans have actively joined in. While it’s a violation of NCAA rules, both teams will self-report the violation as a smaller tradition since 2005.

For this season, the Tide rolls into Knoxville, and for fans who either can’t make the trip or understandably prefer to be in Tuscaloosa, look no further than the one and only R&R Cigar house.

R&R Cigar operates in a classic Greek-revival home west of Lurleen, along 6th with an amazing front porch gracing the front façade. Inside is a cigar paradise with an overwhelming selection of fine tobacco products, and alcoholic beverages for purchase. Inside the rooms are fitted with comfy leather seating and big screens to catch every college game being broadcasted. Carry on the Alabama tradition, pick up a fine stogy ready to light after Bama brings home another W.