One & Only: Lake Nicol (& Stand Up Paddleboarding!)

Black Warrior SUP Championship on Lake Nicol

Serene waters surround the city of Tuscaloosa and its county. Lake Tuscaloosa is the largest in the county, Lake Lurleen is a man made oasis, and then there is Lake Nicol. This Cliffside lake is more secluded, and off the beaten path than its commercialized neighbor. It’s not overflowing with eco-tourists and families trying to beat the Alabama heat; It’s simply calm waters and picturesque cliffs tucked underneath towering pines. Despite being only a short drive from civilization, natures take over of the lake gives it that secluded, and far off feeling found in the outskirts. The cliffs stand tall over blue waters, with winding trails leading to them. The waters gently wave with the blue skies shining above. Lake Nicol even hosts an island near the southern tip, offering a truly disconnected environment to freely row and paddle about.

The Black Warrior SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Championship will be one of those rare times the lake is given the spotlight. These six to three mile courses starts early in the morning, with three races planned, and a one-mile fun race open to anyone. If you’re worried you’ve missed your chance, you can still register to compete in the races, and take in this hidden gem of waters and cliffs. The guests and traveling athletes will convene over its calm water and collectively find the beauty hidden by this lake. People will gather and watch the paddleboards glide over the lake and absorb the tranquility and uninhibited natural wonder of Lake Nicol as the Champions are crowned. The competition benefits the American Heart Association and certainly helps your own. Getting outside and being active over cool waters will bring a benefit only found in the great outdoors. While Lake Tuscaloosa and Lurleen sit pretty as the top bodies of water in the county, by the time the excitement dies down, and the day starts to close, Lake Nicol will be wearing a new crown in the eyes of the people. If you want to get out, explore the natural beauty in town, and take part in this exciting and fun filled race, you can register through PaddleGuru. The one-mile fun race is $20.00, the 3-mile race is $30.00, and the 6-mile race is $40.00. if you feel The American Heart Association deserves more, you’re welcome to add a donation along with the cost. The Race takes place July 16th at Lake Nicol.