One & Only Top Places to get Fried Chicken

One & Only Top Places to get Fried Chicken



Founded in Tuscaloosa, and expanding beyond our city limits, its not hard to see why. Shark’s fried chicken, ranging from tenders to liver and gizzards, you’re bound to have some of the best fried chicken in town. Accompanying the chicken, the sides share the same range of usual suspects to oysters and hush puppies thanks to their seafood faire. They are spreading their fried love in Birmingham, and soon beyond that.


Miss Dots

On the fringe of The Strip, before entering Downtown, you’ll find Miss Dots along with the old mansions and apartments of Pinehurst. The fast casual pace cuts the wait between you and this rising star of fried chicken. The variety of healthy, to decedent servings of fried chicken, southern style sides, and their pecan pie are the perfect way to enjoy the shade of their patio facing University Blvd. The sweet tea is nicely paired with nugget ice like you find at Sonic or Taco Casa. The sides range from the classic collard greens, to the amazing brussels sprouts you can’t help but need more of. The chicken, is a richly flavored, fried and comes with a variety of sauces to enhance an already delicious cut of meat. Once you’ve cleared your plate don’t be shy about their perfectly sized pecan pies. These little treats are the best way to finish your meal at Miss Dot’s


Buffalo Phil’s

A collegiate classic, this staple of the university atmosphere in town is the proud home of some of the best wings of West Alabama. Served under memorabilia and any sauce you choose, their chicken is hard to beat. No wing could be complete without proper sides, and Buffalo Phil’s certainly delivers. From curly fries to beer battered onion rings, you’re bound to find good company for these iconic wings


Five (Brunch)

Five Bar is known for its simplicity in a decadent environment. This mantra finds its way into their Sunday brunch special of fried chicken and waffles. The crispy, fall off the bone chicken meets the sweet and ample waffle with its golden syrup in a union so pure and star crossed its clear why it’s a favorite. The savory chicken skin with its crispy breading could be a meal all on its own. Bold and well seasoned, it’s the perfect yin to the yang of the sweet and heavenly waffles.


The Avenue Pub

This small industrial style space packs a big game when it comes to our food scene and it’s easy to see why. Their brunch special of fried chicken over oven fresh biscuits, or chicken bites battered in Black Warrior Brewing Company’s Brown Ale proves The Avenue Pub knows southern food. The chicken bites make a great introduction to the explosive flavor found in the pub, with the fried chicken and biscuits being at a level that could pose questioning of your love for your Grandmother’s kitchen.