One & Onlys for Dad

Best places to Take Dad on Father’s Day

Grill Master Dad

Every Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day, your father is smoking, grilling, and mastering the BBQ Pit while everyone else waits patiently for his works of well seasoned art. He works hard to provide everyone with a savory, well smoked treat in the summer, so why not give him one in return. You may not be as good as he is on the grill, so trust the expert instead. Treat your father to the one and only Dreamland BBQ. Its trusted recipe for ribs, smoked meat, and banana pudding are a great way to treat the master. It may not be as great as his, but he knows he’s hard to beat. Dreamland is a close second to Dad.

Lumberjack Dad

Your dad is never home, because he’s out somewhere in the woods. Your dad made your bed frame, wardrobe, and first house. Your dads honeymoon idea was home depot. Your dad is short with words, and big on hugs. Your burly father doesn’t like frills and neither does the one and only Buffalo Phil’s. Located on the Strip, inside is a classic college burger bar. It doesn’t serve you small tapas underneath visit France posters. Its just good ole American food served under Alabama posters. Its no ritz, but your dad will like it that way.

Professor Dad

Your dad is the smartest guy you know. He tries to get you to use educational apps, build your stock portfolio, and learn mandarin. He gave you summer reading, well before school did. Most dads boast about their garage, your dad is more than proud of his library. His career is like chandlers, you don’t know what its called for the life of you, but you know its not for the weak minded. Your dad knows everything there is about the world, so why not bring some of it to him. Treat your father to something beyond the southern palate by taking him to the one and only Ruan Thai. Impress him by pre searching the correct pronunciation of their wonderful Eastern dishes, and the exotic flavors to be found in this little house on a hill. Your dad will love the break from burgers and BBQ and be delighted to see his child try something off the beaten path.

Stay at Home Dad

Your dad doesn’t commute to work, unless you count the walk from the bedroom to the living room. He saves money on gas, by only needing to the leave the house for groceries and supplies. He knows how to rewire the AC, and make enough cookies for Christmas. He can decorate a living room as well as he can grill a steak. Your dad has the role of two parents, but only gets one holiday. Your dad deserves something special he deserves the one and only Five Bar. Your dad will enjoy the fine style of this one and only eatery, and the delicious but short menu. let someone else cook for your dad, and trust it will match his cooking skills.