Places to Eat in Tuscaloosa: Buffalo Phil’s

The Strip along University Blvd is home to so many classic collegiate icons. From locally made cocktails to some of the best burgers and wings in the South, you’re not going to find anywhere that embodies the spirit of college quite like the Strip does. One of its landmarks comes at the corner of University and Campus Drive, is Buffalo Phil’s. This ivy-covered brick lodge for some of the best wings in the world was founded in 1980. Phillip Weaver came to the University of Alabama with a deli and convenience store on campus but wasn’t satisfied with going to class and overseeing his business. He searched for something different to bring to the table at his future quick service restaurant. Eventually, he found Buffalo wings to be severely lacking in the South and decided to concoct his own unique hot sauces for fresh cut chicken wings. It was in 1980 he opened Wings& Things. While traditional southerners weren’t used to actually eating the wings of a chicken, as they saw them as the least desirable part. It was through sampling his delicious product to local businesses and students on campus that Wings & Things quickly became a popular place. The Uniqueness of his wings alongside staples like curly fries and a cornucopia of deliciousness alongside a variety of beers proved to his place on the strip. It was in 1992 that Wings & Things became called Buffalo Phil’s as to offer a trademark for Weaver’s success. Today you’ll find a welcoming college staple that comes offering the “Best Wings in the World.