National coffee day is here, and the one and only Tuscaloosa has no shortage of local spots to stop in and grab a cup to celebrate. No matter what type of atmosphere you’re looking for, Tuscaloosa has plenty of unique coffee shops to satisfy that caffeine craving.



Located on Temerson Square, you can find Edelweiss tucked humbly in between the lively downtown bars. The quaint German café opened its doors in 2007 and boasts some of the best pastries in town, made fresh every morning. They also feature lunch specials, which are served Monday through Friday and are changed monthly. Stop in for breakfast, lunch, or even just a coffee and a traditional German pastry.



One of the newest additions to Tuscaloosa’s growing coffee scene, Monarch opened its doors earlier this year and has already established itself as a local hotspot downtown. The community-powered coffee shop was founded by two UA alumni with not only a passion for a good cup of coffee but also a love for Tuscaloosa and its people. Even before opening its doors in 2017, Monarch was backed by the community through a Kickstarter campaign to help fund startup costs and make what was once a dream a reality. Although new to town, Monarch embraces the diversity of Tuscaloosa with an inviting, ‘come as you are’ atmosphere where all are welcome.



Dr. Henry Bright founded OHenry’s Coffee in Downtown Homewood, AL in 1993, completely unaware of the landmark he just established. 17 years later, OHenry’s has grown to 5 locations and boasts over 30 different types of coffee. The Birmingham-based icon opened the doors of its new Tuscaloosa location last year and it has quickly become a favorite of both college students and locals alike.



Heritage House

As the original coffee house of Tuscaloosa, Heritage House has been serving up fresh baked goods and café breakfasts and lunches to its customers since 1994. The local favorite has seen three different owners and has grown just as much as the town itself, with a new location opening its doors at Riverfront Village last year. The easygoing rustic atmosphere makes this gem feel like a place of refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, somewhere to warm your heart and also fill your stomach.


Written by Katy Aspinwall

Ruan Thai
On top of a hill overlooking University Blvd, along the strip, sits a small house packed with flavor. Ruan Thai offers an incredible selection of Thai food inside the house and out on their patio. From fried rice served in a pineapple to Thailand’s take on BBQ, you’re sure to experience a unique night.

Mr. Chen’s
This authentic Chinese local favorite operates alongside a Chinese grocery store serving some of the best Chinese in town. The wide selection offers everything for any novice to pro when it comes to eastern flavors. Most locals will tell you it’s the best they’ve had and were sure you will agree.

This understated Indian restaurant stands out for its great flavor, and delicious naan, and its palpable spice. It certainly stands out for its authenticity and charm in a southern city. The student special is a popular choice among the university and city’s residents alike.

Along Temerson Square is a little German café that serves great coffee, delightful pastries, and baked goods. The cozy interior and comfort of warm baked strudel or a great Danish are a sure-fire way to elicit the charms of Deutschland.

Hooligans have for a long time been a staple of Mediterranean cuisine in Tuscaloosa. With a casual atmosphere, their genuine focus on serving great food has consistently brought people together under their red canopy lined building. Gyros, falafels, burgers and a laid back attitude are what makes this a local icon.