There have been some incredible weekends in Tuscaloosa recently and this one is no different! Kick your weekend off at Green Bar this Thursday as they play host to “The Hollows”! When the first notes reach your ears, whether from a sweet and breezy mandolin, a whiskey-tuned banjo, or an unrepentant guitar, it will seem to you that the sound of The Hollows is uniquely New York: a contradictory, harmonic melting pot that takes all of its roots, twists them around, and produces something else, something new. This scruffy ensemble of multi-instrumentalists might just as soon swap glockenspiels, trumpets, and harmonicas as plug in a squawking electric guitar or an airy, spacey synthesizer. The result is a veritable junkyard of instruments and musical personalities, a carnival on wheels, a one-man band in six bodies that owns the stage with all the mobile, rhythmic ease of a seasoned railroad gang!

Keep the music going this Friday at the Government Plaza in downtown Tuscaloosa for “Live at the Plaza” featuring Tarred & Feathered! A perfect event for families and friends alike, it will be complete with great music, delicious food, and tasty drinks! Tarred & Feathered is a cover band made up of old buddies who love playing live music together and have unique ways of covering the old & new favorites with a raw but full sound. With three-part harmony, they ensure their covers never fall flat!

Get ready to rumble on Saturday as the Druid City Dames host their first ever home bout in Tuscaloosa! Roller Derby is surely a sight to see and if you’re unfamiliar with it, here is a brief description: Roller derby is a contact sport played by two teams of five members roller skating in the same direction around a track. Gameplay consists of a series of short matchups (jams) in which both teams designate a jammer who scores points by lapping members of the opposing team. The teams attempt to hinder the opposing jammer while assisting their own jammer—in effect, playing both offense and defense simultaneously. Head out to the Super Skate on McFarland Blvd and watch the ladies of Druid City Dames as they look to take down the Southern Harm Derby Dames!

If roller derby isn’t quite your cup of tea, you can catch Tyrese as he performs at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater! In 1998, his self-titled album went platinum with the singles Nobody Else, Lately, and Sweet Lady, earning him his first Grammy nomination for the Best R&B Male Vocal Performance! He became busy with TV and film roles before releasing other popular albums in between 2002 and the present. He is also an accomplished author, and will be releasing his third book soon! This soul filled Amphitheater is the place to be this Saturday so don’t miss out!

Finally, wrap up your weekend with Band of Brothers Brewing Co. as they host “Trucks by the Tracks”! All of the local food truck favorites like Local Roots, Archibald & Woodrow’s BBQ, SouthFresh Mobile Catfish Kitchen, Pastor’s Kitchen, Get Mix’d and more! great beer, live music, and good company – who could ask for more?

We have tons more going on so check out our great upcoming events, and follow us on our social media pages (@visittuscaloosa) for more announcements and events. Tell your friends and we can’t wait to see you around the One and Only Tuscaloosa!

Tuscaloosa’s coolest ongoing summer event is back! Live at the Plaza is an annual concert series that features amazing acts in live concerts on a stage at Government Plaza. Up and coming regional bands, as well as solo artists will rock the stage from April 28th through July 28th. Some changes have been made since last year’s series, but it is still an absolute must-do for your summer in the one and only Tuscaloosa! Here are our top 5 reasons why:

1. Local Musicians
Tuscaloosa loves art in every way, and so it loves music! It is a special pleasure to host some up and coming bands from the region and even from Tuscaloosa itself. Let bands like the Nashville-based country/rock trio Campbell Station or the soul and funk of Lamont Landers Band from Alabama impress you with amazing homemade music. Or enjoy our friendly neighborhood country singer Matt Jones from Tuscaloosa, whose concerts capture the soul of the City! More acts will be announced soon, but this is already an amazing start!

2. Entertainment District
New this year is the entertainment district around Government Plaza. As it is not allowed to bring your own alcoholic beverages into the festival anymore, the district was made to be the perfect alternative. You can get your favorite adult beverages in approved go-cups and so can take them to the concerts and anywhere else within the district! Food and soft drinks are also available in the entertainment district. Participating local businesses are, for example, Alcove, Monarch, Black Warrior Brewery, and many others. The entertainment district opens each Friday at 4 pm!

3. Pet Friendly
A special plus about Live at the Plaza is that it is totally pet-friendly! Located on the meadow of the Plaza, the concerts are the perfect place to bring your furry friends. For sure they will love to spend a fun night out with their owners and meet new friends, human and pet alike! And of course, all dog moms and dads enjoy having their puppies around so take them out for the concerts! Other visitors will be delighted by some puppy love, too – promise!

4. Kick Back After a Hard Week
Held every Friday night from 6 pm to 9 pm, Live at the Plaza is THE perfect event to relax after a long week of work! You can make yourself just as comfortable as in your own living room: You’re welcome to bring picnic blankets, pillows, lawn chairs and anything else you need to enjoy a leisure evening with your colleagues, friends or family. If somebody already made dinner at home – no problem! Bring them AND the food to the concert. As always, you are welcome to bring your own food, snacks, and soft drinks!

5. It’s Free!
Let’s sum up, with Live at the Plaza you can: Have a fantastic night outside. Listen to great live music from regional artists. Bring your whole family, including dogs. Bring your own food and soft drinks. Buy food and drinks from local restaurants and bars. Let down a hard week of work.
And now comes the final, the ultimate reason to not miss this event: It’s absolutely free! You enjoy all these amazing things for free admission!
See you at the Plaza!

This weekend is packed with fine arts in the One and Only Tuscaloosa! Tonight you can head across the river to Kentuck for their Art Night! In the main gallery, you’ll be able to observe the sculpture work of Charlie Lucas! Not only that, but there will be pop-up shops for local artists, demonstrations, cob oven pizza, and live music! Art Night has been a staple for the first Thursday night of each month!

On Friday, it’s downtown Tuscaloosa’s turn with the First Friday Art Crawl! Galleries, studios, and businesses across downtown will be open and participating in the art crawl including Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center and Grace Aberdean Habitat Alchemy. First Friday is completely free to everyone and is filled with excitement! There will be live music at different venues and some incredible works of art!

On Saturday morning you can swing by the Tuscaloosa River Market for the Farmer’s Market! Vendors set up ripe red tomatoes and famous Chilton County peaches. Musicians sit propped up against the door, playing guitars as you walk in, and local Food Trucks, bakers, artists, and craftsmen gather here to sell their gourmet grub, fresh-baked yeast rolls, homemade jams and jellies and hand-carved cutting boards.

All of this art is leading up to the main event – Druid City Arts Festival! This event will feature over 90 artists selling beautiful work! Anything from pottery to paintings will be sold in Government plaza while live music and the smells of freshly cooked food fill the air! Headlining DCAF is Matt Jones, a country musician destined for greatness. Local Roots, Tea Town, Jim N’ Nicks, and plenty of other vendors will be serving food and drinks all night long! Most importantly, it’s an entertainment district so you can get a drink from your favorite surrounding establishment and bring it over to the festival with you!

Finally, wrap up your night by heading to the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater for their first show of the season! The amphitheater will be featuring a pair of contemporary gospel acts with Mary Mary and Tasha Cobbs! The Mary Mary duo is often credited along with Kirk Franklin for broadening the fan base of urban contemporary gospel in the 2000s by introducing elements of soul music, hip hop, funk, and jazz. Tasha Cobbs breaks the gospel charts nearly every time she releases an album as 2 of her singles and one EP have all hit no. 1!

While wandering through downtown Tuscaloosa or UA’s Campus, you might have spotted the colorful posters for our Druid City Arts Festival on April 8th!

The posters are not promising too much – quite the opposite! That festival will be even more colorful and staggering and is an inevitable must-do for the upcoming weekend. Here are our top 5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss it:

1. Local Artists

The local art scene in Tuscaloosa has been growing year after year and it’s always exciting to give it one of its biggest stages every year DCAF! More than 80 artists from Tuscaloosa and abroad will exhibit their work this year, including contemporary as well as traditional and heritage craft, contemporary art and sculptures. Throughout DCAF’s history, undiscovered and ascending artists have shown their work at the festival who are now exhibiting in galleries or museums! The impressively creative and unique art, therefore, is the first good reason to visit the Druid City Arts Festival!

2. Food Vendors

What kind of festival would leave you without a great offer of food variety? Not this one at least! DCAF is starring some incredible food trucks & stations to satisfy your hunger and thirst on a lovely Spring day! A special highlight will be Local Roots, a Tuscaloosa food truck that is just garnering some local fame with its original dishes and local ingredients. Meat lovers won’t be disappointed by Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar B Que, Chick-Fil-A, and many others. Tea Town will add some great specialties to drink!

3. Live Music

Alongside treating your eyes and taste buds, DCAF will also gladden your ears! The music lineup for DCAF is filled with incredible artists! Alabama Blues Project will open the stage in the morning with some homemade authentic blues. The afternoon will be rocked by the local group Drum Nation with their sweeping performances! This group is headlined by singer Matt Jones. The local artist just came out with a new album “Redemption” and is a phenomenal country singer!

4. It’s Free

An additional plus of DCAF is that it is absolutely free! That means you enjoy all the great art, food, music and fun without any extra costs. At this point it is a clear case: You have to visit Druid City Arts Festival!

5. Family event

Wait, you already have an appointment with your family or friends on April 8th? Even better, just get everyone together and come over to DCAF! The festival is a perfect event for families and has a lot of fun planned for the little ones! For example, the T-Town Bounce castles will be inflated and a whole Home Depot Children’s Festival area in the middle of the plaza! There’s nearly no need to mention that there is at least as much fun for the adults as well if not more! hanging out outdoors with live music, art vendors, amazing food, and drinks – we don’t need to say anymore!

Written By: Katharina Horvath – Intern

It’s no joke that April first in Tuscaloosa is geared up to be one eventful Saturday. From the Dragon Boat Races on the river, the beer fest for Sassafras, and the first annual Roots Fest! Roots Fest is sponsored by Local Roots and First Bank to bring an exciting new event in town with live music, great food, and good times.

  1. Adam Hood

The festival has rising country singer Adam Hood performing through the night, which is a change of pace from most venues. Instead of sitting in the nosebleeds, enjoy being up close has he plays some tunes like its a private concert!

  1. The Food!

It’s no secret that Local Roots has earned its place as one of the must-try places to eat around town. With their dedication to locally sourced ingredients and bringing explosive flavors to the city, it’s hard not to be drooling in anticipation. For the festival they’ve teased on their social media there will be 3 whole pigs, house-made sausage, pork belly, and much more!

  1. The Neighbors

The alley between Alcove International Tavern and Monarch Espresso Bar has been a common spot to find Local Roots since its arrival, so it’s no surprise they would start their festival here. With Alcove serving some fantastic drinks, and Monarch about to start their own cocktails along with their coffee, it’s the perfect spot to find just about any beverage you could need!

  1. Entertainment District

On a typical night, your drink is limited to the confines of the bar and its patio if they have one, but the festival will be in an entertainment district. That means you can take your drink and wander the grounds without having to dump your cup!

  1. It’s Free!

Nothing is better than free. Admission to the festival is free and open to the public, including the live music. Of course, food and drinks are on you but it’s a small price to pay for a great night out on the town!

Written by: Deven Wilson – Intern

Tuscaloosa is gearing up for another great weekend in the One and Only! Start your weekend off Friday night by visiting Green Bar! Taking the stage Friday night is Spaceface! San Francisco-based website “Do the Bay” said “In the digital age, there is a new band on the radar every week, and it’s hard to find anything that stands out. But in a pool of up-and-coming bands that blend together, Spaceface has fused psychedelic rock ‘n roll with pop in a way that makes them – dare it be said – unique.” With an intro like that, it would be hard to pass up this one!

Saturday is jam-packed this week with exciting events! Kick off your Saturday at the Living History Festival! Learn the history of Alabama from the characters themselves as history comes alive! You can learn about characters from history such as Mildred Westervelt Warner, Chief Tuskaloosa, and even Ann Hodges – the only person to have an object from space strike them!

If you’re less of a historian and more of a dog person, swing by Sokol Park for their annual Bark in the Park! The Tuscaloosa Association of Realtors will continue their Annual Bark in the Park campaign this year with more excitement than ever! With a parade, demonstrations, and a “’Wag’ Bag” for each dog, this is a perfect event for any dog lover!

Next up is Black Warrior Brewing Company as they present Poses & Pints! Yoga and beer just seem to go together perfectly. So perfect, in fact, that Black Warrior is hosting a class this Saturday! For just $10 you can participate in Yoga and have yourself a pint! The class will be an hour long and all levels are welcome!

Finally, since you can’t finish your weekend on an empty stomach, head to Food Truck Fest! Band of Brothers Brewing Co. will be serving limited run beers, bringing in incredible food trucks, and hosting live music all evening long! The food trucks involved will feature local favorites Local Roots, the legendary Archibald & Woodrow’s BBQ, and JoJo’s Food Trunk! The bands Gio Trio and The Frayed Knot will be laying down the rhythm all night for this awesome event!

We have tons more going on so check out our great upcoming events, and follow us on our social media pages (@visittuscaloosa) for more announcements and events. Tell your friends and we can’t wait to see you around the One and Only Tuscaloosa!

Written By: Barrett Elder – Digital Media Specialist

This weekend is packed with fun events in the One and Only Tuscaloosa! This Friday is filled with music! you can catch Corey Smith putting on a show at the Druid City Music Hall! The tour, Smith says, is an extension of who he is — raw and honest to the core. The show starts at 8:30 with doors opening an hour earlier for his Great Wide Underground Tour!

Also on Friday, Sonic Frontiers presents electronic music pioneer Tim Perkis as part of their 6th season of programming with a curatorial focus on “California Experiments”. Over in downtown, you can catch The Bama Theatre Acoustic Night that will feature guitarist/composer Hiroya Tsukamoto!

On Saturday, kick off the Chinese New Year at the Children’s Hands-On Museum! Children are able to make their own dragon, find their zodiac animal, make a mask, and even write their name in Chinese! After you bring in the new year with the kids, head over to Black Warrior Brewing Co. for their second annual Chili Cook-off!

As if the weekend couldn’t get any better, Sunday you can catch Alabama and Auburn’s Women’s Basketball Teams face off in the Iron Bowl as the Tide takes on the Tigers in Coleman Coliseum! All military service men and women will receive free admission with military ID and the first 300 fans get a free t-shirt!

We have tons more going on so check out our great upcoming events, and follow us on our social media pages (@visittuscaloosa) for more announcements and events. Tell your friends and we can’t wait to see you around the One and Only Tuscaloosa!

There’s a lot going on this weekend in the One and Only Tuscaloosa! The kids get to kick off the weekend today at the Children’s Hands-On Museum as they celebrate National Popcorn Day. There will be popcorn crafts, parachute popcorn games, and food for all! Also on Thursday, Band of Brothers is hosting Trivia Night along with a food truck and Live Acoustics!


Friday is jam packed with awesome events! The Bobby Bones Comedy Tour is rolling through Tuscaloosa with a performance at the Bama Theatre! The “Funny & Alone Stand-Up Comedy Tour” features the Bobby Bones Show star with special guests. Right across town, Band of Brothers plays host to Alabama Blues Queen as they bring down the house!


You can catch the University of Alabama Women’s Tennis Team compete both Friday and Saturday as they take on the University of Washington and the University of Illinois! On Friday, they plan to salute all military members and serve them free food! Saturday will feature lots of giveaways, free food, and incredible action on the courts!


Saturday, you can catch Future Primitives, a psychedelic rock and roll band from Birmingham, and The Old Paints, a pure pop and rock and roll band, when they take the stage at Egan’s Bar! Music will start at 11 pm and is sure to be a great show as they cover artists such as David Bowie, Ramones, Prince, and the Rocky Horror Soundtrack!
We have tons more going on so check out our great upcoming events, and follow us on our social media pages (@visittuscaloosa) for more announcements and events. Tell your friends and we can’t wait to see you around the One and Only Tuscaloosa!

Tuscaloosa is home to the only Mercedes-Benz museum outside of Germany and for over 20 years, Mercedes-Benz has been manufacturing some of their most popular automobiles right here in Tuscaloosa County. Currently, the plant is responsible for building the GLE SUV, GL SUV, the C-Class and the GLE Coupe for the North American market.

The Visitor Center, which originally opened in 1997 and was recently renovated a little over a year ago, has exhibits that displays the history of the German automaker. This architectural showcase brings to life the company’s vision of producing the finest automobiles in the world.  

The Visitor Center is an evolving, interactive tour through some of Mercedes-Benz’s greatest innovations and future automotive technological concepts. It includes vehicles ranging from a model of the 1886 Benz Patented Motor Car, recognized as the world’s first car, to the brand new 2016 GLE Coupe SUV. The museum also features iconic, classic Mercedes-Benz automobiles, authentic Mercedes-Benz race cars, a Mercedes-Benz “peerless safety” exhibit, and a gift shop. 

The center is divided into five areas that tell the story of Mercedes-Benz vehicles: innovation, performance, safety, vision and design. The Visitor Center is also a key component in the company’s new immersion program. On a weekly basis, this program brings people who work for Mercedes-Benz and its dealerships to Vance to let them learn about the company’s vehicles, history and culture, tour its facilities and test drive its vehicles.

The Visitor Center is open Monday- Friday, 8:30 am- 4:30 pm and admission is free. Factory tours are also available, but must be reserved in advance.


Be sure to visit The Mercedes-Benz Visitor Center at 6 Mercedes Drive, Vance, AL 35490. For more information, visit

Written by: Adrian Gee, TTS Public Relations Intern

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