Dear Ms. Field,

Some people in Alabama have taken issue with your recent statement that had you not become an actor, you would have been a “really, really unhappy overweight person somewhere deep in Tuscaloosa.”

At Tuscaloosa Tourism & Sports, we are not offended, as we see that there is an “absence of malice” in your statement. Rather, we think your comment merely reflects a lack of knowledge about our great city. We would welcome the opportunity to show you just how nice Tuscaloosa is, and how happy you would be if you came for a visit.

You once said, “never, ever have I felt really accepted in Hollywood.” Well, here in the heart of Dixie, we take pride in making everyone feel right at home. Southern hospitality is very much a real thing and we have a strong tradition of welcoming everyone around the dinner table. In Tuscaloosa, our dinner tables are full of some of the finest cuisine this country has to offer.

Trust me – we hear you on being afraid of becoming “overweight”. With all of our incredible restaurants to choose from, it is a constant battle for us all. Luckily, Tuscaloosa has a 4.2-mile-long walking trail along the beautiful Black Warrior River that provides breathtaking views. Your son Forrest Gump would have loved our city as it was named as one of the top runner friendly communities in the United States in 2016 by!

What can we do to entice you to come?
Have Denny Chimes ring out the theme song to “Norma Rae”?
Have the mayor declare “Steel Magnolias” our city flower?
Maybe ask the University of Alabama to name the football stadium’s playing surface “Sally Field”?

People in Tuscaloosa are very easy to please. Just say, “Roll Tide”, and they would like you. They would really, really like you.

Please accept our gifts of Left Hand Soap for your “Soapdish” and a box of Peterbrooke chocolates, because life . . . well, you know.

We hope to see you soon as our guest.


Signature BB




Bill Buchanan

And the Staff of Tuscaloosa Tourism & Sports