One and Only: The Tuscaloosa Public Library 

The Tuscaloosa Library has always been dedicated to serving its city in their collective pursuit of knowledge and culture. The library had a soft-spoken start. Founded as a refuge for people to gather under the passion of reading, the first public library was born out of citizens donating from their collections. It wasn’t until the 20s did the city actively try to form a Library system. It grew from a small office in the basement of City Hall to a system serving West Alabama. Most remember the days when the Library was anchored inside the Jemison Mansion. The grand dame of antebellum mansions in Tuscaloosa, served as a cultural hub for the city, with shelves stocked with books, and rotating exhibits on the arts. The needs of the growing city soon demanded more room, and the response came out in the current main branch being built in the 70s along the Black Warrior. Today several renovations have kept the original philosophy of the library alive in a digital age. Currently, it offers eBooks, eMagazines, DVDS, music, and several modern services along with the classic selections of books.

The library openly welcomes children with its wide array of services and events. Legoland is open to all ages to come create and build with Legos at the library every Thursday. They offer online digital pop-up books, and creative writing classes to get teens interested in expressing themselves through poetry on Wednesday. For those who part with their books, tucked away on the side is the Friends of the Library Bookstore. They started as a garage sale and evolved into a used bookstore for the people. Most are sold simply for $1-3 and are open to donations. It’s the perfect spot for someone who wants a book with some extra love in between the pages. The Tuscaloosa Library offers everything for people who enjoy stories. The Tuscaloosa Library has something for everyone– movies, magazines, digital libraries, and even a classic book with faded pages. The library is still a cultural hub of activity for the Druid City.