When it comes to cuisine, the Southern States are known for many things, but vegetarian food is probably not one of them. The focus in food is surely set on the amazing barbecue, burgers, and chicken – justifiably.  But as living vegetarian becomes more and more popular, it’s worth looking for options around town that accommodate that! Yet there is no dedicated vegetarian restaurant in Tuscaloosa, but there are some pretty amazing dishes in town that are live-saving for all vegetarians and also a delicious culinary experiment for anybody else. Go out and try these five terrific veggie dishes in Tuscaloosa:

Hummus at Glory Bound
Hummus has not only become a trendy dish throughout the last few years, it is also literally the perfect meal for your lunch – healthy, tasty and filling! At the cultish Glory Bound in downtown Tuscaloosa, hummus is one of the flagship dishes and definitely their specialty! The variety is striking: Choose your favorite hummus out of ten variants, for example, chipotle-lime, Mediterranean olive or spinach-pesto! Or take the hummus-trio and get any three tastes of your choice! Every hummus dish is served with unlimited delicious warm pita bread. The portions look overwhelming, but you won’t have a choice but eat it all in the end – it is simply too good.

Pasta at DePalma’s
Although their pizza and antipasti are pretty amazing as well, the most striking dishes at Tuscaloosa’s favorite Italian restaurant is their pasta! Many of them are also delicious vegetarian options! Dedicated meat free is, for example, the portabello mushroom ravioli, Mediterranean penne with olives, spinach angel hair, their very own DePalma’s pasta with artichoke hearts and much more! All these are so delicious, you don’t even realize or think about missing meat in them. One of the best parts is also the fresh garlic bread that comes with the pasta. So, drive downtown and spend an amazing and not-so-obviously-vegetarian dinner at DePalma’s!

Panini at Sweet Home Food Bar
The one and only Sweet Home Food Bar is always a good choice, no matter if you want to grab lunch, dinner or a leisure brunch on Sundays. You can also find a meatless dish at any time of the day there, but our focus lies on a dish that can be found in their afternoon menu: The Vegetable Panini. These Italian-inspired grilled sandwiches can’t be found at any corner – they should be, though! Sweet Home has a wonderful vegetarian Panini that is made with eggplant, roasted peppers, plenty of cheese and a balsamic dressing. One more delicious dish not only for full-time vegetarians. Be adventurous and try veggie!