Top Five Reasons to See The Nutcracker

Top Five Reasons to See The Nutcracker

This holiday season, come to the Bama Theatre to see our community stage the classic ballet of the Nutcracker at 7pm Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with shows at 10 am Saturday and 2pm Sunday.


  1. Warm up with some Russian culture

Composed in the late 1890s in Russia, this classic holiday ballet has been celebrated around the world as a treasure since the 1960s. The elaborate storytelling and focus on the wilds of a child’s imagination can be a welcomed break from the continuing colder winds blowing into town.


  1. A great reason to escape to the Bama

There’s hardly a local landmark with a perfect blend of history and modern style. the grand dame of theater for Tuscaloosa has an atmospheric theater set in a Spanish courtyard with its original twinkling star lights. You can rest either in the main seats or cozy up in the balcony on the second floor, with a treat from the concession bar.


  1. See our community showcase their talent

While it’s fun to go see some experienced professionals in big cities knock out another in a thousand of performances, there’s nothing that beats the excitement of seeing people you know show off their hidden talents. This production features locally sourced artists with talent to spare.


  1. Not far from great food

Going to see a show can mean making a night of it with a great dinner, and exploring your own hometown. Being at the Bama means you’re a simple walk away from some of the best one and only eateries in town.


  1. Break out those formal clothes

While it’s far from required at these shows to be dressed to the nines, there’s something about the magic of ballet in a grand theater that can be so well suited with a step in clothes. Not to mention these colder days mean it’s time to layer up, and with our warm fall, we haven’t had the chance to show off our winter gear.


No matter what your reasons, you’re guaranteed a great night out with some festive ballet, local talent, and culture in the one&only Tuscaloosa. Find out more information here