Valentine’s Day Done Right in TTown

Love is in the air! It’s almost Valentine’s Day- fresh flower deliveries, a fun night on the town, or maybe just a Netflix night in. Either way, we have some fun ideas for you to make sure you get the final rose this Valentine’s Day!

For the Foodies

Do you show love through food? Or maybe, you just love eating food. Well, do we have the perfect spots for you and your sweetheart to hit up this weekend! Everything from gourmet pasta to wine tasting, we got you covered! 
  • Day Starter
    • The most important meal of the day plus a build your own Bloody Mary sounds like the perfect way to start your Valentine’s Day festivities! Brick & Spoon offers a uniquely southern approach to your traditional boozy brunch meals.
  • Pasta for the Soul
    • Looking for a meal that will make your heart and stomach happy? Depalma’s Italian Cafe gets it right every time! They offer a huge menu featuring food and drink specialties that will excite even the pickiest eaters. Better get there early! Depalma’s operates on a first come first serve basis. 
  • Wine It Down
    • Need a little pick me up after dinner? Head over to The Wine Market for an impressive list of international wines and cheese plates. Not into wine? The Wine Market offers a variety of craft beers that will make everyone glad!
  • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place
    • The lights are low. You’re getting all comfy cozy with your partner when a fat stack of waffles is set down in front of you. Could this be a dream? No, you’re at Waffle House! What better way to end a long Valentine’s Day with a hot stack of your favorite waffles! Check out which location works best for you, here.

For the Adventurers

Are you the type of couple that can’t stand to be stuck inside? Maybe romantic candlelight dinners aren’t for you- and that’s perfectly okay! It’s always exciting to get outdoors to enjoy nature but what better way to do that than with the one you care for. And on Valentine’s Day nonetheless! Here’s what we’ve got in mind for you:
  • Take a Hike
    • Lake Nicol is home to several miles of trails that line the banks and cliffs of the lake. Strap on your good shoes and enjoy your partner’s company while basking in the scenery of Lake Nicol!
  • Picnic
    • Grab your favorite finger foods and head to the River Walk for an ultra-romantic picnic! Worried about finding the right spot to plant your blanket? The River Walk has many flat areas that are perfect for you to relax and enjoy the banks of the Black Warrior River!
  • Bowling with Bae
    • Looking for excitement indoors? Bowlero has reinvented the old traditional bowling experience. The neon lights and music will surely make up for the fact that you have to wear bowling shoes! Go ahead and snag your lane while you can!
  • T-Shirt Printing
    • Swag Tuscaloosa offers a unique t-shirt printing experience that is bound to make your Valentine’s Day one to recall forever! I mean come on, who doesn’t want a t-shirt to remember a great day!

For the Singles

If you’re anything like me, you might be riding solo this Valentine’s Day. *Cue sad violin music* Hey, it’s all good! Pull the selfish card, make yourself your favorite meal, and pop on a little Netflix because this day is all about you! And let’s be honest, who loves you more than you? Here are some Valentine’s Day ideas that scream “I Am Single and I Love It”:
  • Specialty Wine
    • Grab your favorite bottle of wine at Craving’s Specialty Grocery. From reds to rosé, Craving’s has a variety that will fit any connoisseur’s tastebuds. 
  • Spa Night 
    • Nothing screams “treat yourself” as a good face mask. But what about a face mask AND an amazing bottle of wine from Cravings? Now you’re really talking my kinda talk!
  • Something Sweet
    • Fall in love all over again with Peterbrooke and its vast array of fine chocolates. Head over to their store to snag yourself a delicious gift that you won’t have to share with anyone but yourself! But really, who wants to share chocolate anyways?
  • Netflix and Chill
    • To wind up your night, what could be more perfect than a good movie? Grab your wine and chocolates and get comfy while watching some of the hottest new flicks out to date. Want something seriously romantic? Try A Walk to Remember. Looking for something along the lines of a Rom-Com? Someone Great has been receiving rave reviews! 
Whether you’re taking one for the team this year or are feeling lovey-dovey with your partner, this Valentine’s Day has opportunities for all kinds of enthusiasts. Don’t be shy! Message us on Facebook or Instagram to share with us how you spent your romantic weekend!
Written By: Olivia Nonnengard