Tuscaloosa Gateway


The Gateway at Alberta is a central hub designed to connect the city to the latest technology. As the starting point for Tuscaloosa’s City Walk (completion date 2018), this unique building is a treasure trove of technology and a wellspring of limitless content and opportunity.

In addition to the free access to laptops, tablets, and massive digital library, the center also offers unique opportunities for collaboration, education, and economic development.

Businesses, large and small, can gather their teams in high-tech workspaces to focus on strategic plans and business development. State-of-the-art presentation spaces allow entrepreneurial spirits to best express the possibilities of their ideas and better connect to opportunity. A large training room is ideal for workforce development, seminars, and workshops. And an interactive kid’s room serves education and entertainment in equally powerful portions.

The Gateway is also home to a 16’ x 5’ interactive discovery wall. One of only a handful in existence worldwide, this wall presents a totally unique experience. Users can wander through the people and places from our communities, past and present, and discover interesting facts and hidden gems. Organizations can also schedule the wall for awe-inspiring, customized presentations.

– High-tech workspaces

– State-of-the-art presentation space

– Training and development space

– Seminar and workshop space

2614 University Blvd E, Tuscaloosa, AL Get Directions