Walk Downtown


University Boulevard is the mother road of Tuscaloosa. Stretching from Capitol Park, Past the University of Alabama, to the Arboretum. This main street holds a rich history and a wealth of sights to stroll along. In Downtown, the walk from the Federal Courthouse, to the Capitol park holds much of Tuscaloosa. This 17 minute walk takes you past some of our One & Only storefronts, eateries, and attractions. Stumble beyond University Blvd, either way takes you deeper into Tuscaloosa. To the North between Greensboro and 22nd Ave, is Temerson Square. The back alley style district is home to downtowns thriving food and bar scene. To the South you’ll find 6th street, where Government Plaza anchors the street and its sights. Head South on Greensboro Ave, and you’ll find the Bama theatre, great shopping, and Dining along the Avenue.

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